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Blitz Events is an event management company based in Hyderabad that manages and organizes corporate and product-based events, medical, scientific, and industrial conferences, seminars, weddings, wedding coordination, private parties, theme parties, etc. Blitz Events are one of the best wedding planners in Hyderabad, with over many years of experience organizing and executing successful corporate and product-based events. Today, the Blitz group is a solid foundation for managing various events.
Blitz Events’ team of professionals is focused, creative, and well-trained to deliver their best. Starting with planning your proposed event and devising methods and logistics to make your event memorable. Design a creative system

About Us

We Blitz wedding planners take care of all the intricacies and behind-the-scenes activities that come with planning any event. Our ultimate goal is to create a hassle-free event within your budget. We provide personalized guidance and expertise to make every program. Meaningful. Creativity, knowledge, skill, experience, meticulous planning, discipline, dedication, passion, punctuality, and a talent pool of versatile event professionals are our inherent strengths that ensure the flawless execution of every event. Blitz Events are geniuses when it comes to organizing.

Our service

Wedding planning management

We are a wedding event planner. As one of the top wedding planners in Hyderabad, we aim to help couples worldwide make their dream weddings come true. At Blitz company Bangalore, we specialize in creating fairy tale weddings to cherish forever. The theme of the event has been carefully planned, and the intricate decorations are in keeping with the mood and ambiance of the occasion. We strive to provide the best wedding service with attention to detail so you and your guests can relax and enjoy your event.

Corporate Event Management

We provide corporate event management services to several corporate associations. We are committed to improving the quality and performance of our company. Blitz event managers are the best conference organizer in Hyderabad. Our inherent strengths are strategic planning, creativity, knowledge, skills, commitment, and a talented pool of professionals. We undertake all types of management-related activities per the companies’ various requirements. We plan, organize and coordinate various management projects, board meetings, workshops, press conferences, etc.

Entertainment and Show Management

Entertainment is entertainment. After a monotonous day at work, people want to attend a show that relaxes their minds. Celebrity event management and artist management services are our strengths. Entertainment and show management has gained popularity recently as we are in festive times. Blitz Events have the expertise and contacts for arranging and coordinating stage shows, live bands, wedding concerts and entertainments, theatres, dance shows, and other cultural events. Be it inviting celebrities for stage performances or arranging traditional stage shows, Blitz Events make it happen.

Sports Event Management

We are in the event management companies in Hyderabad list organize various games and events focused on determining the venues, travel, and accommodation for outstation players participating, arranging and purchasing prizes and trophies, and ensuring the smooth conduct of the events. Our expertise includes planning, scheduling, and dealing with the various logistics involved in organizing sporting events.

Theme Show Management

Themed shows have become the main attraction of every occasion in the world. Blitz Events provides the perfect theme and destination for corporate and private events or other social affairs. Would you like to take your child’s birthday from a simple party to a rock ‘n’ roll party to remember? Or would you like to introduce your foreign guests to the culture and civilization of Hyderabad in a day? Want to savor the Hyderabad ambiance? With over many years of expertise in handling and executing themed events, we have everything you need.

Special Occasions and Events

Manage special occasions and provide services for formal arrangements. Blitz Events are committed to making memorable occasions “really special” by adding spark to your event. This can require extensive planning and workload.

Event Management

Blitz Events has vast experience organizing and making them “Awesome.” Every event is a unique experience, and our creative experts will make your day memorable. We take the responsibility of making your event a grand success. Sit back, relax and prepare for your special occasion. From staff to props, staging to table setting, decor to dress, food to entertainment, and everything in between, Blitz Events take care of all detailed requirements. Blitz Events themed events are sure to enhance your special occasion.
We work closely with our clients to provide the highest standards of HR services. Event management companies in Hyderabad work with your taste, style, and preferences. Visualize your entire schedule before moving in, and make sure your program is carefully planned, organized, and executed well on a budget.

Exhibition management

In an era of increasing digitization, trade shows are the only medium where buyers, sellers, and products can physically converge, making them a powerful force for business. Trade shows are one of the most effective mediums for establishing and maintaining customer relationships. An exhibition can be successful only when it is properly planned and organized, keeping in view the location of the stalls, the overall atmosphere of the hall, etc. Blitz Events has the expertise to handle public events and select audience exhibitions as an adjunct to the main event, providing the best exhibition experience.
We are a leader in exhibition organization and exhibition management. We are on the List of event management companies in Hyderabad that customize and meet customer needs for trade shows, science fairs, consumer and home expos, and medical exhibitions.

Why Choose Us

Fresh ideas, new trends in events and entertainment, meticulous attention to detail, a 24/7 attitude, and a passion for elegance and perfectionism are some of the reasons that make an event a success.

The top event management companies in Hyderabad provide the best wedding arrangements per your requirements. Be it a mini-store event or a king-size show; Blitz Events make it an ‘event to remember. Blitz Events create a unique theme for each event so that everything about the event speaks the same language. From people to props, sets to table settings, decorations to dresses, food to fun, and everything in between.
At Blitz Events, we ensure that every event runs flawlessly. Creativity, knowledge, skill, experience, careful planning, discipline, dedication, passion, punctuality, and a talent pool of versatile event professionals are our company’s cornerstone of making every event successful. It is a force. We come among the top 10 event management companies in Hyderabad. We have a vibrant, professional, and experienced team leading the field. Conceptualize, visualize and execute large-scale live events anywhere in the world. Blitz Events’ multicultural staff understands global dynamics and brings some unique perspectives. For the past decade, we have hosted management meetings, dealer meets, investor summits, and employee engagements for international companies. We have organized events.

Contact Details:

Phone: 098480 55227
Address: 156/A, MLA Colony, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad-500034, India.

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