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Event Management is the art and science of organizing events for many reasons. Events can be small, large, or private, from weddings to corporate meetings and conferences. We recommend contacting Vajra Events if you need to schedule an event. Vajra Events is all about creativity, tenacity, and resilience. We are one of the top event management companies in Hyderabad. Whether you are planning a wedding or building a brand, we have covered everything from logistics to catering to accommodation. We specialize in Destination Weddings, Private Parties, Corporate Events, and Brand Consulting. From concept to completion, Vajra events provide end-to-end solutions that meet the demands of the most discerning customers.

Event Management Steps

Event management has emerged as a serious business in the last few years. Even the COVID- 19 pandemic could not stop the enthusiasm. They are hiring the top 10 event management companies in Hyderabad, like Vajra Events, to make this possible. Let us see the details of the steps of event management

Planning phase

Before planning an event, as a client, you must know precisely what you are looking for. Know your theme, budget, guest list, etc., and give it to your event planner. As one of the best event planners, Vajra Events takes your input and shares themed photos brought by you for your event. They initiate negotiations with vendors for catering, decorations, etc., to ensure they have the best deals possible. If you are planning a wedding, they will get information from the bride and groom about their preferences. Our stylists and designers will assist you with your wedding shopping. Vajra events stylists will create your event during your photoshoot, Sangeet, Mehndi, and wedding big day. Several other stylists are available to help the families and others on their guest list prepare for their respective events.

Design stage

This is the most crucial step in the event planning process. The event planners at Vajra Events take care of every detail of the final event. They keep you involved throughout the design phase. The success or failure of an event depends heavily on this stage. If you are planning a corporate event, inputs are taken from the Vajra company Bangalore of your organization. Vajra events planners use Auto-Cad and other software to design sets
and submit them for approval. Feel free to share feedback and suggest changes as a subscriber at this stage. Whatever is decided at this stage will be implemented on the last day. In this step, invitations are sent to the attendees. If you have clients/business heads from other cities or countries, flight and train tickets will be booked for you so that you do not face any problems reaching your destination. Hotel room reservations are also completed at this stage.

Execution phase

For weddings, this phase usually begins about a week before the final day of the wedding. For birthday parties and corporate events, it takes around 2-3 days to decorate the venue and prepare for D-day.
For corporate events, games and other events are finalized in consultation with a Human Resources team member. All the accessories and materials required for the event shall arrive at least one day before the last date. The menus have already been finalized in the design phase, and the chefs will arrive at the venue with their respective teams to begin preparations at least a day before the event.
If you want catered food at the venue, we can also arrange it for you. Tables, crockery, and cutlery are arranged per the approved design, and chairs and all arrangements are made per the meal plan. Musicians and DJs will also gather at the venue to set the stage for the finale.

Roles and Responsibilities of Vajra Events

Vajra events amongst event management companies in Hyderabad list should first have an extensive session with the prospects to understand the goals behind the event. You should also be aware of the audience of your event. You will then need to plan your event and submit your event for approval. As mentioned above, the last step is executed. However, the nature and method of implementation of these steps may vary from incident to incident. Planning a mehndi ceremony is different from planning a corporate event.

Logistics for guests

For significant events such as weddings, the event management company should have a smooth plan to pick up guests from the airport/train station and ensure they feel comfortable and at home in their hotel rooms. They need to ensure that they are informed about food arrangements, grooming arrangements plans to participate in cultural activities, etc.

Safety and security of guests and customer family

The groom and the guests wear expensive jewelry at the wedding venue. Adequate security arrangements and CCTV cameras are required. If the event is held on hotel premises, the event management company should liaise with the hotel staff to ensure these arrangements are made.
Like any Indian wedding, fire safety measures must be taken. The ritual involves lighting a fire for a wedding vow. There is a lot of use of inflammable materials like thermocol, cardboard, plastic, and balloons in the decoration of the venue, so teams planning the event need to know what to do in case of an unfortunate fire. Only those people whose names are on the guest list must verify their ID before entering. Their luggage must be screened with metal detectors and scanners to ensure no one carries firearms or bombs. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Manage effective event marketing campaigns

The event management companies in Hyderabad must have banners and other marketing materials for corporate events involving product launches. If asked to launch online marketing campaigns, send push emails, or post content on company social media pages, the vajra event managers should be able to handle it.
Vajra events have access to an extensive network of suppliers and know whom to use. Our professionals have the knowledge and skills you need to make your event a success. With offices in Hyderabad and Bangalore, we are on the list of event management companies in Hyderabad. Apart from weddings, we also plan large-scale events like corporate events and product launches. So, the next time you need to schedule an event, hire Vajra Events, the best event company in Hyderabad.
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