ETHNIQ EVENTS is the application of project management to create and develop large-scale events such as festivals, conventions, celebrations, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. This includes researching the brand, identifying the target audience, coming up with the concept of the event, and coordinating technical aspects before the actual launch of the event.
Events and celebrations are regular parts of human life. We can’t get around them because they handle almost every function of our social existence. Birthday parties, corporate parties, weddings, and anniversaries are events that we celebrate on a personal level. ETHNIQ EVENTS are professional wedding planners in Hyderabad. Event management companies in Hyderabad provide all types of event services at affordable rates. We make your event fashionable and unique. Our primary desire is to offer you a traditional and attractive plan for your wedding.

About Us

As top event management companies in Hyderabad, we go to extraordinary lengths to bring your event needs to life. By choosing Celebration for your special day, you can count on our meticulous attention to detail and creative ideas and expect professional, stress-free service. You can enjoy the magical creation until your big day.
From traditional weddings to weddings, each event we plan is unique. ETHNIQ EVENTS planners and designers listen to your ideas, think about the best way to bring them to life, and tailor each event to the other. Each topic/idea is carefully researched and presented—your wishes and, of course, your budget. As we come under the list of event management companies in Hyderabad, we’ve built our reputation on working together to provide great entertainment.


Wedding event

ETHNIQ EVENTS has been catering weddings throughout the Bay Area for years. We specialize in executing unique experiences that match the vision of the couple. We start by creating a customized menu that fits the overall experience. From there, we can help guide you through the steps to make the wedding process as easy, fun, and worry-free as the special day it should be!

Corporate & Private Events

ETHNIQ EVENTS’ job is to take the hassle and pressure out of catered events so you can focus on what matters. Whether it’s a breakfast drop-off, a working lunch, or an end-of-the-day cocktail event, Toast takes the stress out of planning so you can enjoy your event worry-free.

Catering and cooking

One of the most critical aspects of an Indian wedding is the food served. The experience of many guests depends highly on whether or not they enjoy the food served at their wedding. Hence having suitable catering and culinary partners on board for your wedding is essential. From the most renowned caterers to top chefs, ETHNIQ EVENTS works with some of the best chefs in the industry to provide you and your guests with an unparalleled culinary experience.
From identifying vendors to choosing the best menu items, ethniq event managers can help you make decisions. During the event, our team will ensure that all staff is running the catering operations smoothly while providing the highest level of hospitality. ETHNIQ EVENTS aims to ensure our guests have a great time at our weddings, and we understand that catering can play a big part in that.

Photo and video


Photos and videos play an essential role in every wedding. Your pictures and videos will stay with you forever and help you remember the good times you had at your wedding. That’s why we sourced the best photo and video options and brought together the most trusted names in the business. This is where the experience of our team comes in handy. ETHNIQ EVENTS can help you with every detail, from planning your pre-wedding shoot to ensuring all your wedding photos come out just right. All our photographers and videographers are highly trained and skilled professionals whose sole aim is to capture all the beautiful moments of your ceremony in the best possible way. We are constantly coordinating with our photo and video team to ensure the image, video settings, backgrounds, lighting, angles, and everything else are correct. You can also arrange to have your wedding video
edited to film and share with your guests later.

Music and entertainment

The celebration calls for a grand party, so having the right music and entertainment is crucial for all wedding ceremonies. Engaging creative music professionals, Assisting in selecting playlists for various celebrations, Arranging live music shows, Inviting celebrity artists, Setting up interactive gaming sessions in Mehendi, and Special occasions in reception. ETHNIQ EVENTS make all arrangements, including fireworks displays. We do—detail on the music and entertainment side of things.

Lighting solution

Lighting plays a vital role in a wedding. It helps with photography and video, it helps people enjoy the ceremony, and it can play an important role in entertainment. It is essential to have a home. Only the proper lighting professionals will work at your event to ensure that your event lighting is within your experience and that of your guests.
Flowers are the adornment of all Indian weddings. Regardless of your culture or background, suitable floral arrangements can be surprisingly effective in providing a beautiful and memorable touch to your wedding. ETHNIQ EVENTS florists and decorators bring years of experience to the table. We bring you the perfect floral and decorative patterns chosen based on the season and your preferences.

Why should you hire Ethniq events?

As one of the top 10 event management companies in Hyderabad, ETHNIQ EVENTS saves your money and makes it affordable. Surprised? We can easily make deals with venues and wedding suppliers that you can’t. We can provide endless ideas, inspiration, and suggestions.
We share our experience and knowledge – We have arranged events ranging from 20 people to thousands of people. ETHNIQ EVENTS plan and oversee your event from start to finish. This is what we do, this is what we do, and we enjoy it. ETHNIQ EVENTS is among the event management companies in Hyderabad list passionate about what we do and assists our clients in every aspect of the planning process from start to finish.

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