ERIGO EVENTS a leading Event Management Company In Bangalore

ERIGO EVENTS a leading Event Management Company In Bangalore


ERIGO EVENTS is a well-established leading Event Management Company. We started with the goal of providing a one-stop solution for all your incident-related concerns. ERIGO EVENTS is one of the most renowned event planners in Bangalore. We aim to organize events with the primary goal of reducing costs while keeping our customers satisfied. ERIGO is an event management company with skilled team members and partners across the country. ERIGO aims to be the best event management company in Bangalore. Scale to provide a wide range of incident management services that are cost-effective. Our event management company will work with you to plan your event to fit your allocated budget.

ERIGO EVENTS a leading Event Management Company In Bangalore
ERIGO EVENTS seeks to introduce a new and unique approach to event planning by ensuring complete transparency. We practice at each stage. Over the years, ERIGO has organized more than 1000 events for various ministries and reputed corporate clients. From cutting-edge corporate event planning to expo booth design,
government events, sporting events, conferences, workshops, awards dinners, conventions, and more. Our unique event planners know how to plan, promote and execute events that exceed client goals. Our event management company has worked with prestigious event and exhibition organizers and sports management companies. We have a diverse and talented team who are very passionate about what we do.


Personalized event management services make your event intelligent and impactful. Whether you require individual services or complete event planning and management services, we can tailor our services to your budget, schedule, and internal processes. Not only do we have a deep understanding of what is involved in setting up and running an event, but we also have an extensive contact network that allows us to offer innovative
services. This will enable you to effectively increase or decrease event-related tasks in a short amount of time without increasing headcount.

Pre-wedding ceremony

Weddings these days are all about personalization. Whether you are a romantic couple or a funky couple, personalize your event and inspire individual budget celebrations from all corners of the world to bring the unique essence of love to your wedding. You jump at this beautiful opportunity, and we make them a reality. Every day is vital to your wedding, but has your fiancé asked you when you first met? Don’t you remember? All such
moments are included. A wide range of local and destination weddings per client’s requirements, bringing cultural
and western essence as per trends and special requests, always adding a unique element out of the box and exceeding the client’s expectations. We are the best event management company where; we always have to try new things and have happy customers who trust us completely.

Perfecting every element, every moment, we walk down the aisle with you to add memorable moments to your days. Every wedding is as important to us as a wedding and should be unique to you. From pre-wedding shoots to engagement rituals and Ganesh pujas to Mehendi ceremonies, we are here to help you. We’ve got it covered for you. We are not just wedding planners; we are wedding designers, curators, and managers.


Are you looking for modish and maudlin wedding decorations Companies in Bangalore? Express your feelings in a very appreciative way. With our in-house designers, everything is pulled straight from your dreams. Each design is unique and reflects the story our customers want to tell us. The people who have experienced it will create the best stories. New beginnings are happy faces, places, people, programs, and routines. From reception parties to
reception parties to room decor, we make sure your fresh start goes as smoothly as your loved ones want.
Entertainment and Artist Management Make your creative vision come true. From singers, DJs, comedians, and hosts to bands and dance groups, it’s up to the best in the industry to make your big day a success. The whole
entertainment is a beautiful mix of excitement that allows you to connect with your guests on an emotional level. Then plant the seeds of some thoughts or give love and peace to your heart.

Hospitality and Logistics

A wedding looks perfect from afar, but it involves a lot of hard work and stress, reflected in the planning. The couple and their families can certainly take care of many aspects of the celebration, but they are under too much pressure to enjoy the festivities. It all depends on how comfortable the guests are. happiness depends
Our primary focus is RSVP, Transportation, Venue to Venue, Guest Reception, Room Listing, Hotel Stay, Check-In-Check-Out and Departure, and Complete Wedding Hospitality to ensure maximum comfort and convenience, and shipping. And your guests. From handling RSVPs to overseeing accommodation details, transportation, and hassles, our dedicated hospitality team can ensure a stress-free experience for everyone.

Creative and invitation

A wedding invitation is a personal announcement asking your immediate and loved ones to participate in your celebration. Your invitation to express your love to the person should be appropriately hinged. We manage guest RSVPs and provide delivery and styling of invitation design and logo. Review all wedding material according to the theme’s requirements.

Theme party

Your best friend will get you out of jail, but your best friend will sit next to you and say, “Hey, that was awesome.” If you love pop culture, draw inspiration from your favorite TV shows, movies, songs, and comedians for a themed party.

From squeaky Halloween decorations to Moana’s cupcakes, fashion diva lamps, and superhero jugglers, reel your favorite characters to reality to bring the essence to these parties. We are all drawn to our favorite celebrity, favorite food, favorite sport, favorite book, and favorite hobby. Special days in which you can include them, and because they are a significant part of our lives, you can name them and customize them to your liking, from sick
elements to the theme of most miniature clocks.

Photography and cinematography

Our team deeply understands traditional etiquette and values, ensuring that your ceremony with the proper shots is a joyous success that will be cherished forever. In many ways, the best service combines people’s emotions and the unique colors captured in pixels.
We work on various photography and videography styles, including weddings, pre-wedding, candid photography, event, corporate photography and cinematography, and video editing.
Eclectic and diverse in nature, ERIGO EVENTS is renowned for its experience in organizing the most memorable cultural weddings, where the best teams bring together massive albums of memories.

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