BIGBEE EXPERIENCE is a successful corporate and social Event management company. Our team comprises experts and experienced professionals, making a leader in our field. Our ideas and plans are customized and created with the specific client in mind. Our customers are our priority, and we work keeping their expectations in mind. We are professionals when it comes to delivering the best results cost-effectively. Every event is special for us. At BIGBEE’S EXPERIENCE, you and your trust are our success, and your appreciation is our motivation.
BIGBEE EXPERIENCE is a team of like-minded creative people who come together to design your ideal event and dream wedding. BIGBEE EXPERIENCE provides complete planning and consultancy supervision of corporate and social events. We believe in providing excellent programs to our customers through creativity and exclusivity based on their choice and preferences.

Corporate event

Corporate event planning is our domain, and the experience and expertise we have gained in social planning have helped us proliferate quickly. We firmly believe it is and work to highlight this varying event stage. Successful corporate events ensure the victory of the brand name. BIGBEE EXPERIENCE is a team that continuously works towards the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. Hence, we bring your ideas to life with precision and patience. We are at the forefront of innovation, and all our programs are magical. Our prices are reasonable regarding the excellent quality and luxury of our programs. Events management is our passion, and every event we organize reflects our thirst for excellence.

Theme party

Theme parties are pure fun. A good theme can make your party more creative and spectacular. We can create themed decorations for party planning and guest engagement, from conferences to weddings to social parties. BIGBEE EXPERIENCE offer many creative and innovative ideas. From suggestions for turning classic-themed parties like country and Bollywood themes into truly memorable performances to creative themed ideas like ‘The
Great Gatsby Theme,’ we’ve got you covered for your next party.


At the heart of any event is the entertainment element, and corporate events are no exception. From the latest big names in the entertainment industry to the newest entertainment shows, we have it all. Glitter and glitz are our arenas, ensuring our guests are dazzled by our performances. Our core business is full flagship productions and world-class entertainment programming. BIGBEE EXPERIENCE can provide entertainment across various genres and platforms, including corporate and social events. As one of the best live entertainment production
Companies in Bangalore, we can work with you to program talent that will impress your guests and guarantee a unique experience that will be discussed for years.

Meeting organizer

Dignitaries, investors, and company owners are attending a huge conference, and your organization needs to rise to the top. Professionalism and accuracy are our trademarks, and we make sure that nothing untoward happens.
Meeting planning includes coordinating every detail of the meeting or conference, from venue selection to speaker arrangements, AV equipment installation, logistics, hospitality, and meeting and conference event graphics. Interested.

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremonies involve a great deal of last-minute tension and stress. BIGBEE EXPERIENCE will manage the opening ceremony ourselves, including the chief guests. We are well known in this area, so inviting and persuading celebrities is not a problem.

Innovative ideas and state-of-the-art production

We have in-house design and production facilities that help us create great programs with flawless, glitch-free production. We do most event utilities such as staging, event structure, audio-visual, lighting, and sound in-house. Because we do, you don’t need to hire a third- party vendor to run your event, eliminating the middleman and saving you money. BIGBEE EXPERIENCE production team specializes in creating innovative, cutting-edge events that inspire attendees and guests. We take the time to fully understand your client’s vision, budget,
and key objectives and create a storyboard of ideas that shows how to engage guests down to the smallest detail—entertainment, Theatre, Media, and Brand Marketing Background in. We deliver memorable experiences that inspire conversation and shared moments.

Who are we

BIGBEE EXPERIENCE is a creative-driven event production company based in Bangalore. Our mission is to help brands connect, inspire and grow. Put, we create strategically integrated event experiences that help foster positive relationships between your brand and its target audience. BIGBEE EXPERIENCE team of young and talented professionals is passionate about creating exclusive events. We always complete the event on time.

What we do

We have developed and implemented event strategies for brands across India. Throughout this journey, we’ve been proud to work with professionals from various industries, including retail, luxury goods, real estate, fashion, and consumer goods. We appreciate that every profession requires a different style. Hence BIGBEE EXPERIENCE offer 100% customized event strategies and all types of event management services to meet the needs of various companies. We understand that planning an event can quickly become an expensive, stressful, and time- consuming experience. BIGBEE EXPERIENCE provides the venue and destination and takes
the hassle out of making your event a huge success. We create events that last.

BIGBEE EXPERIENCE strives to earn a leading name in the social and corporate event management industry through our relentless efforts, strategic planning, creativity, and technology to deliver unique experiences and decorate your event with your design-specific approach to make it the most beautiful, unique, and memorable experience. We strive to provide the highest quality service at the best possible rates, ultimately allowing
our clients to be confident that they hired the best team to run the event of their dreams. We use our strengths to reduce costs and pass the savings on to our customers. BIGBEE EXPERIENCE aim to be the best event management company in Bangalore and, eventually, in India.
We offer access to special rates with our partner locations and suppliers to expand our program offerings to meet your needs. We are ready to deliver regardless of your unique event needs and budget. Contact us now. We’ll send you a hassle-free, no-obligation quote.
Contact Details:
Address:995, 14th cross, 21st main road, Bangalore.

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