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As one of the best corporate event management companies in Bangalore, Avant Events who have vast experience managing all types of corporate events and conventions in Bangalore and all over India. We have strong relationships with corporate venues across India and offer the best rates for hosting any event. From creative planning to theme development to stage management to guest management, our expert event planners know how to do it. Avant Events also provide full support for your existing team to take care of every detail so you can focus on your guests and attendees. Many of our planned conferences are one-day or multi-day events that include multiple sessions or workshops, tea, lunch breaks, small group sessions, panel discussions, etc.; the special one is a dinner and entertainment night. The size of your event will depend on your needs. Conventions can be small,
company-specific, or significant city/state/country-level events. Leverage our decades of experience hosting custom corporate events across the country, regardless of size, to make every meeting a success.

Corporate events focused on all.

Avant Events Corporate events play an integral role in strengthening and growing your business. This is because employees and potential delegates attend the event. Hence, it makes for an ideal platform to leave a lasting impression on future customers and thus grow your business. However, a successful corporate event requires proper planning and execution.
Corporate events are mainly organized for branding and other critical business purposes. So, taking care of all your guests on these busy days is essential and challenging. But when you hire us as your corporate event planner in Bangalore, you can rely on our professional solutions. The event management company always tries to meet the needs of our customers. We provide advanced support to overcome any challenges with these programs. Working in this field for years and serving our clients with impeccable service, Avant Events always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Our service

Avant Events team of talented professionals will arrange team-building channels and create an environment for you to relax. Busy schedules and daily challenges are worth the effort, but men are not machines! Sometimes you need to take a break and say hello. We have friendly competition and fun trivia to keep the day exciting. Avant Events event managers personally attend events to ensure the smooth flow of all aspects. Our high level of professional commitment makes us one of the leading Corporate Event Management Companies in Bangalore.
Provide your event date, location preference, and the number of attendees. The event organizer handles the rest. Of course, we’ll cover all the details if your needs are specific. However, if you prefer spontaneity and surprises, count on our professionalism for a smooth event. Avant Events will arrange a location that is convenient for you. Anyone can do it. But we create the ‘wow’ factor and cater the event with a professional touch.

Virtual event service

Avant Events provide an utterly virtual event solution that helps you to provide a VIP experience to your attendees. Virtual programs are the new normal, offering the best possible programs at a cost- effective price.

Video Production and Design

The event management company will help you build the brand tools you need. Create a concept- driven short film about your company and any other materials required for distribution to participants. This may also include brochures etc.

Event production service

Avant Events manages our clients’ entire end-to-end event production of virtual and physical events. We provide virtual event design, coding, landing page creation, database management, and all requirements for onsite event production, AV rental, sound, and lighting equipment. MICE events and corporate events organized by our company. Avant Events work with companies from various industries to create the conference, seminar, training, and exhibition booths you need.

Award ceremony

Award ceremonies are a way to reward people for their efforts and also a way to establish your company as a thought leader among all within the corporate ecosystem. Avant Events work with various industries and companies to organize our clients’ private and enterprise award ceremonies.

Product launch

Avant Events hosts product launches for all industries. Our up-to-date technical database allows us to combine and integrate different concepts and launch products with as much impact as possible for our participating audiences. Be it a physical launch, digital launch, launch with 3D mapping, or augmented/virtual reality, we do it all.


A corporate party should be one where those present have things to discuss and look forward to next year, and we make them like that. Avant Events designs themes and concepts considering the target audience profile and age group and propose ideas about what the client wants to achieve.

Press conference

We do all kinds of press conferences. Avant Events’ partnership with prestigious allows us to target industry-specific mainstream press for our events. Our job is to put your brand in the spotlight and offer solutions to help you do that.


A roadshow is a must for companies with an extensive network of partners in multiple cities across India. Avant Events have expertise in managing multi-city roadshows for tourism and commercial authorities/consulates in various countries.

Why we

There are many advantages to letting Avant Events organize your corporate event. As the best event management company with years of experience, Avant Events knows the work involved in making a meeting or even a success. First, contrary to common myths, corporate events differ from gatherings and conference arrangements.
It’s enormous, and the corporate role makes it very difficult to accomplish. Hence, hiring Avant Events can make your job easier. Avant Events have the resources, experience, and skills to present the economic benefits of organizing an entire event within your budget.

Avant Events’ holistic approach and in-depth knowledge of local markets and vendors create blockbuster events and deliver value to our clients. After successfully covering Avant Events as the Best event management company in Bangalore, we are starting to make our presence felt worldwide. If you are looking for a successful corporate event that can turn into a bonanza for your business and guest enjoyment, don’t forget to hire Avant Events as your corporate event organizer for all your corporate party events in Bangalore.
Contact Details:
Email: tanya@avantevents.in
Website: avantevents.in
Address: 165, Sector B, Jal Vayu Vihar, Kammanahalli Main Road, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru 560043

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